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CHS teacher wins valuable curriculum
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On Wednesday afternoon, June 29 Crockett High School family and consum- er science teacher Ashlee Boothe received an exciting email. The email was from Nai Wang, founder and rresident of KP Education Systems, stating she was one of 50 recipients of the Spring For- ward Essay Contest. “I am very excited to have won this contest and to be able to share this amazing curriculum with my culi- nary arts students,” Boothe said. Boothe was awarded on- line access to the culinary arts curriculum supplied by KP Education Systems. The online system allows teachers and students to ac- cess lessons, videos, assign- ments, tests and more from any computer, smart phone or device that has internet access. “KP Education Systems provides a wonderful tool to educators and students to take lessons beyond the classroom to a new level of education,” Boothe said. “With this program I will be able to better engage my students and prepare them for their future beyond high school.” The Spring Forward Es- say Contest was available to teachers across the United States to submit an essay stating how the curricu- lum could be useful in their classroom. Teachers were also asked to submit photos or videos of students working in the classroom. For Boothe’s submission, she included a DVD of her students competing in the Iron Chef Competition held at CHS last November. “We thoroughly enjoyed watching your students in the video. This is a prime example of going the extra mile and getting students involved,” Wang said in an e-mail message to Boothe. KP Education Systems is a limited-liability com- pany (LLC) headquartered in Phoenix, AZ. Since 1999 KP Education Systems de- signs, develops and markets curriculum-based career cluster educational prod- ucts to middle schools, high schools, post secondary and career education centers.


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