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Students Relive History
Houston County Courier - June 2008

To give his students some hands on history this year, 8th grade American history teacher at Crockett Junior High School, James Watson, took students to Civil War reenactments.  
In November, Lamarcus Foreman, C. J. Wheeler, Brittany Ross, Rachel Schroyer attended a reenactment at Liendo Plantation in Hempstead. 
During the Civil War, the plantation served as Camp Groce, a Confederate training camp before Texans joined larger forces in the East. 
After the surrender, it was the headquarters for General George Custer in his command of federal troops in Texas. 
Along with these 8th grade students, a Crockett High School student, Bianca Marquez, attended. 
The students camped out in period tents, dressed as federal soldiers or nurses and Southern Belles. 
They got to participate in cooking over campfires, washing dishes by lamplight, as well as participating as orderlies and messengers on the battlefield. 
They learned how to hitch a horse to a wagon and took a wagon ride. 
The girls got to serve as nurses during the medical demonstrations.  Everyone attended the ball and learned how to do 19th century dances.
In January, several students planned to attend “The Battle for El Camino Real” reenactment in Madisonville. 
Rachel Schroyer participated in the school day event, demonstrating the work of a military laundress to several hundred school children along with Diane Watson, and Crockett graduate, Monique Stevenson. 
Rachel was able to go out on the field as a nurse to give aid to the “wounded” men.  She learned about the surgeons’ role in medicine, when she helped with an amputation demonstration.
Several students planned to attend a reenactment in Bellmead; however, a baseball game prevented some of the boys from attending. 
Rachel watched a cavalry competition, helped cook a cobbler in a dutch oven, and learned some new dances. 
She has gained an appreciation for the type of life men and women lived in the 19th century.




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