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Fiddlers name champion
Houston County Courier - June 2008

The 72nd Annual Fiddlers Festival has once more come and gone.  Crockett had a huge turnout of people shopping, admiring the tractors, eating great steaks, and most of all enjoying two days of excellent fiddling.  

"I've worked and led several festivals over the years throughout East Texas.  This is truly one of the smoothest and most successful ones I've been a part of and it's due to the consistency in leadership and volunteers" states Jeana Brooks, president Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce.

Wayne Mask, Chairman of the festival, says "This year's Fiddlers Festival was a great success.  A great big thank you to all the volunteers who made it happen as well as to the chamber of commerce for bringing this event to Crockett!  It was a great festival."  

 Dennis Ivey's Texas Opry Show entertained as spectators enjoyed the steak meal, which was served after the cook-off on Saturday night.  All the competitions were tough for all involved.    

Overall winners for the events:
Fiddlers Competition:
Pee Wee Division (0-9)
1st:  Jessica Sell
2nd:  Noelle Nugent
3rd:  David Cole
4th:  Colby Sheppard

Junior Junior (10-13)

1st:  Faith Nugent
2nd:  Marina Pendleton
3rd:  Karissa Nugent
4th:  Collette Boyette
5th:  Myka Williams

Juniors (14-16)

1st:  Maleika Nugent
2nd:  Mia Orosco
3rd:  Emma Jane Pendleton
4th:  Wes Barlow

World Championship:

1st:  Shawn Howe
2nd:  Bubba Hopkins
3rd:  Cody Marriott
4th:  Brook Wallace
5th:  Gordan Townsend

Seniors (60 and older)

1st:  E.J. Hopkins
2nd:  Benny Bennett
3rd:  Earl Garner
4th:  Stanley McBride

People's Choice:

Lacey Carpenter

Tractor Competition:

Best Restored Tractors above 1950: Larry Skalicky
Antique Tractor Show Best Restored: Blane Counsil
People's Choice Antique Tractor: Don Burke
Oldest Tractor: Don Burke

Steak Competition:

1st:  CMC Cookers of Dayton (Chad Whitsenhunt)
2nd:  Nicol Media and Crockett Construction (Kelly Nicol and Chris Morris)
3rd:  Gert Cookers of Grapeland (Delbert Walker)

Bank Challenge:

Steaks You Can Bet On sponsored by First Community Bank of Crockett

Service Club Challenge:

Crockett Lions Club

Most Colorful:

Grapeland Farm and Ranch

Best Rig:

Myrtis Dightman Jr.







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