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Latexo Independent School Kindergarten graduation ceremonies
Houston County Courier - June 2008
By Crystal Rhone, Reporter

Latexo Independent School District and Lovelady Independent School District Elementary School Kindergarten classes of 2008 held there graduation ceremonies on Friday, May 30.
The assembly in Latexo began at 8:15 a.m. with a prayer and a dedication to military personnel fighting for freedom with a song “Hooray Red, White, and Blue!” by Suzanne Moore.
Over 30 students anxiously waited to receive their certificates, they each held American flags waving them to family, teachers, and friends.
As the ceremonies were under way, Lee Greenwood “God Bless the USA” played and the children waved their flags as high as they could.
The graduates also sang a poem by Dshel Silverstein called “Boa Constricto song”.
Dr. Stacy Easterly welcomed family, teachers, staff, friends and others to the program.
Valyre Gates’ and Julie Schoppe’s classes received their Kindergarten class certificate to advance to the next grade.
A total of 47 Lovelady Elementary School Kindergarten graduates gathered at 8:30 a.m. for their special ceremony that began with the pledge of allegiance to both the American and Texas flags as well as patriotic songs.
The graduates performed several songs for the excited audience including “I’ve Got the Music in Me,” and I Can’t Spell Hippopotamus.”
The excited students from Jarriceann Perry’s and Evelyn Messer’s classes wore graduation caps as they received their diplomas from Principal Debbie Harrelson while family members in the audience beamed with pride.



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