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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Deputies indicted
Houston County Courier -  March 2009

Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt reported that the FBI while conducting a civil rights investigation, came to the Houston County Sheriff’s Office on Thursday, March 5 with sealed indictments for H.D. Gresham, Jr, narcotics investigator, and Jim Clark, bailiff for the courthouse. 
Gresham and Clark were transported to Tyler for arraignment and released without detention.
The FBI began the investigation approximately nine months ago at the complaint of Damion Taylor, who alleged that both Gresham and Clark violated his civil rights by assaulting him after removing him from Gresham’s home.
Federal prosecutors, after receiving this report and investigation, asked for indictments to bring this matter to court. 
A court will then hear the facts of this case, and a jury of the accused peers will decide it’s outcome. 
Sheriff Bobbitt states, “It would be improper for me to comment further at this point about the details of this investigation, or the potential court hearings.”
Officials said the sheriff’s office has and will continue to cooperate fully to see that justice prevails and that the system of government protects both those that make complaints and those who are the subject of complaints.
Authorities said the deputies would be placed on administrative leave until the matter was concluded.







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