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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

City discusses false alarms
Houston County Courier -  March 2009      

By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

The number of false alarms that emergency personnel respond to were a topic of discussion during the regular meeting of Crockett city council on Monday, March 16.
During the Crockett Fire Department report to council, Chief Darrell Deckard said that the number of false alarms received are a problem.
He said, “Most cities our size have an ordinance and perhaps it should be considered here.”
Deckard said presently there is no incentive for the alarm holder to repair deficiencies.
He said some ordinances allow three false alarms per quarter at no charge and for overages and repeat offenders there was a charge.
Deckard said responding to each false alarm cost the city about $100.
Crockett Police Department Interim Chief Mike McKay said that police respond to about 10 false alarms per month pointing out that the majority of those were related to local businesses.
Regarding the new fire truck, Deckard told council he expected delivery around the first of July that the truck was currently in the production schedule.
Interim Chief McKay presented the annual racial profiling report for the 2008 calendar year.
McKay said there were a total of 1,818 traffic stops of which 1,192 resulted in a citation.
Seven arrests were made during the traffic stops and in eight instances narcotics were found during a search.
The report indicated the traffic stops involved 392 African American males and 239 females; 691 white males and 420 females; no native Americans; no Asian Americans and 60 other males and 16 females.
McKay, in responding to a question from councilman Bill Holcomb, said that Hispanics were included in the totals for the white males and females.
During his report about street repairs, City Administrator Ron Duncan said crews had been working in the northwest corner of town to eliminate a lot of lines that were springing leaks.
He said he was closely watching expenditures as sales tax revenue was steadily going down. He also said the hotel tax was not where it should be as well.
In replying to a question posed by Councilman Nathan Gardner, Duncan said the yearly budget for street repair was about $570,000 and that about 34 percent had been used. He said the city did a lot of work on the front end but the street department will have to slow down .
In responding to a question posed by councilman Darius Kitchen, Duncan said the revenue from the use of water would be okay. Duncan said the general fund is where he will worry because of the downturn.
Council approved the appointment of Rusty Conner, Vivian Grant and Wanda Siems to the John H. Wootters Crockett Library Advisory Board.
The appointment of election officials for the Saturday, May 9 election in all five precincts were approved by council.
Deputy early voting clerks were also approved by a unanimous vote.



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