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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - March 2009
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Hospital board awards bid, construction to begin
Houston County Courier -  March 2009      

By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

Members of the Houston County Hospital District board of directors awarded the bid for construction of a building to house residents and students in the amount of $165,500 to Nicholas construction of Latexo during their regular meeting held on Tuesday, March 17.
According to Steve Nicholas, the 2,588 square foot building will have four bedrooms, a living area and educational classroom.
The building will be located adjacent to the ETMC EMS building on Houston County Hospital District property. 
Nicholas said construction will begin by the end of the week and concluded in six months.
Nicholas said, “It will be a nice building but not over the top,” as he described the interior and exterior finishes to board members.
“I think this is a great thing we are doing for education,” said Board Member Dr. Patrick Walker.
In other business Dick Murchison presented the financial report that indicated the district has $3,048,592.45 in cash assets and total assets of $8,165,132.30.
Regarding the Saturday, May 9 election, Murchison said no election would be required since none of the races were contested.
He did say that Billy Chavers had submitted a signature petition but it contained only 80 signatures and not the required 100 to be on the ballot.
He also said that Postion 9 member Ronnie LaRue had not signed up to run.
Board President Dr. John Stovall encouraged members to look for individuals that could be considered for appointment to the position after the May election.
During the update on the C.O. Murray Community clinic update Dr. Walker said the project was going well and could be taken off the monthly agenda.
Dr. Walker said that Board Member Dr. Richard Kelly is looking into how the clinic can accept the $5,000 discussed at a previous meeting.
He said it was an opinion that the funds should be directed to the dental clinic and he would discuss with Dr. Kelly to see how to continue to fund the dental side.
During the ETMC Crockett update Administrator Terry Cutler said the average census at the hospital during the month of February was 31 and the hospital was still plagued with contract nursing. He indicated that at the present time there were two positions open.
Cutler said at the regular meeting in February the board discussed an invoice submitted to HCHD by the county in the amount of $16,843 for medical care for inmates.
Cutler said, “We have an obligation under the lease to contribute seven percent to indigent care.”
He added that he had discussed the matter with Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt.
Continuing his report, Cutler said the emergency room numbers were flat. “I thought the clinic was supposed to bring down the ER numbers, but they are about the same,” he said.
Board Member Deborah Blackwell presented the surgery center update for Dr. Walker who had left the meeting.
Mrs. Blackwell said, “The $300,000 grant must be spent on HVAC.” The spending expiration is said to be October.
ETMC Facilities Director Tom Kinzeler said, “At some point we will have to have a set of plans to show details needed for going forward with projects.” Kinzeler said that an architect would cost about eight percent of the project.
Dr. Ray Morrison said he thought a set of plans already existed, however, Dr. Stovall said the plans he was referring to were not as detailed as those Kinzeler recommended.
Board Member Dr. Richard Kelly was absent from the meeting.



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