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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - May 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Houston County Observes County Government Week
Houston County Courier -  May 2009

The week of May 3-9 has been designated County Government Week 2009 and several activities are planned in Houston County to celebrate.
“Our County Government Week activities will serve a two-fold purpose,” says Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt. 
“First, we want to reach out to our citizens and increase public awareness of the vital role the county plays in their lives.  Second, it’s an opportunity to highlight the outstanding job that county employees do day in and day out.”
County government is the oldest form of local government in the United States. 
Houston County has been providing services to its citizens since the early days of the Republic of Texas, being the first new county created by the Congress of the Republic on June 12, 1837. 
Houston County originally included all of present day Anderson County and Trinity County, plus a substantial portion of present day Henderson County.
“The county is an extension of state government,” notes Judge Hunt.
“Counties are on the front line of addressing many of the state’s and nation’s most critical issues, including the criminal justice and court system, public safety, transportation, and emergency management.”
“Texas counties provide these and other essential services through the local control of our voters and most often without financial assistance from the state or federal government.  Our mission in Houston County is to continue to meet the needs of our citizens without placing an undue burden on local taxpayers.”
As a prelude to County Government Week, elected officials of Houston County served a hamburger lunch to county employees on the courthouse lawn on Friday, May 1.
The public is invited to join county officials for coffee and pastries from 10-10:30 a.m. each morning from Monday, May 4 through Wednesday, May 6. 
Several elected officials will be present each day to visit with the public and answer questions. 
On Monday and Tuesday mornings the gathering take place on the first floor of the courthouse.
The Wednesday morning gathering will take place in the break room on the second floor of the courthouse Annex. 
The annex is located on the south side of the Square in Crockett.




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