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Melon chunkin’ contest announced for July 4
Houston County Courier

On July 4 the first annual melon chunkin’ competition will be held at Light On A Hill Church in Grapeland. After watching a competition on television last fall where pumpkins were chunked, a group of men got together and decided it would be fun to attempt something similar. Since watermelons are grown in Grapeland it only seemed natural to use them instead of pumpkins. Teams will compete by building devices used to chunk watermelons. The devices used for chunkin’ should be either slingshot type or catapults including trebuchet style catapults. No other type of devices including air cannons or explosives will be allowed. If you are interested in participating in this competition you should: (1) Form and name a team, (2) Construct a Melon Chunkin’ device and (3) Register by June 15 to secure your place in the competition. Everyone is invited to come watch the fun and cheer for their favorite team. The first chunk is scheduled to take place at 10 a.m. More information can be found on the web at www.melonchunkin.com or contact Tommy Sprinkle at (936) 687-4966.


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