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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Letters to the Editor
Houston County Courier - November 2008

Reader would like to have flag returned
The Crockett Area Chamber of Commerce Tourism Committee has worked very hard to work on the Davy Crockett Springs and Brewer Park, the six flags that have flown over our great state.
After Hurricane Ike, new flags were installed, everyone was proud of the bright colored new flags flying in the wind.
About two weeks ago we noticed that the Mexican flag had been removed from the flagpole and we were very disappointed by this action.
The flags are of good quality and expensive, we are only able to replace them one time a year.
Since we had just purchased them, we are now flying the old Mexican flag until another can be purchased.
If anyone knows of the whereabouts of this flag, we would like to have it back so we can fly it once again.
The flags represent all the nations that played a part in the history of our great state. It is a shame that the people who have worked so hard to make the park a success and as a tribute to the history of Crockett and the history of Texas.
Contract me at 544-2423 with any information regarding the disappearance of the flag., We would appreciate the return of the flag.
Juanita Brenner

Reader just wants things to be equal
It was brought to my attention that at the Crockett High School there was a voter registration table set up in order to register the students who were 18 years old.
In this case I feel that both parties should have been represented not just one party.
I feel the two adults who were registering these students were wrong in how it was handled.
All people when registering to vote should be told what the Republican Party and Democratic Party represent.
I hope that the students who were being registered at Crockett High School will look at both parties and make a wise decision on what party they will be affiliated with as voters and what will be in the best interest for America and Houston County.
I also feel that it was a very biased voter registration.
If anyone is not sure what each party's platforms are, please take the time to find out.
I am just surprised that our school administration would allow this to take place on school, taxpayer's property.
Joni Clonts

Reader responds to letter
I'm writing this letter in response to Houston County District Attorney David E. Cervantes's letter to the editor concerning my media work in the Jimmy Fisher law indictments.
The DA challenged me to only write the true and correct information in my columns.
My response to Cervantes is, I only write true and correct information in my columns, that's how I've been a successful journalist for much longer than he was DA.
You see Cervantes and his cohorts can't handle the truth because the truth will free Jimmy Fisher from what "the people" and myself are calling "bogus charges."
In your letter you suggested that if I keep writing on the case it will somehow jeopardize Jimmy Fisher's chances of getting a fair trial.
Well, let me tell you something mister, this is America, not Cuba, Venezuela or Mexico, we have the freedom of the  press here in the USA.
When the day comes when the media in America is censored or compromised by elected officials such as you, the DA, then you will see the day where America is no longer the home of the brave and the land of the free.
Billy Groves

Reader responds to column
I would like to address the article "Bewitched" written by Betty Holt, and some information, and specifically correct a few discrepancies.  
In 1986, a federal appeals court ruled that Wicca is a legal religion. 
Those practicing Wicca are called Wiccans but some do refer to themselves as witches.  It is one of the fastest growing religions in the United States and it is estimated that between 250,000 to 1 million people in the US alone practice this religion. 
It can be practiced by women and men alike, whether in a coven, in an informal group, or as a solitary. 
It was practiced by ancient pagans long ago.
It is not considered to be founded by any one individual but does contribute its reemergence over the past several centuries to a few individuals.    
Wicca is not a "black art," does not involve devil worship and is not evil or wicked in any way. 
There are so many misconceptions about Wicca and witchcraft and I feel that people, whether they agree with it or not, should be properly informed.   
Kristin Pennington

Writer remembers
I noticed in the paper that Mr. William Turner has passed away.  Mr. Turner was short in stature but tall in character. 
I have two sons, Hollis and Lloyd.  When they were young boys Mr. Turner told them that when they got as tall as him he would have a gift for them. 
Sure enough that day did come.  Hollis was the first.  We did the official measurement and Hollis was taller than Mr. Turner.
Mr. Turner reached in his pocket and pulled out a pocket knife.  He opened it and they discussed the sharpness of the blade and the safety aspects. 
Mr. Turner went on to tell Hollis how he could take a stick and whittle on it until there was nothing left of the stick. 
Mr. Turner said, “That stick is just like a man’s character.  Other men could whittle on the man's character until there was nothing left.” 
Then a couple of years later it was Lloyd’s turn.
Lloyd is now 26, is married and living in Kennard.  Hollis also lives in Kennard.  Sunday we were having dinner and I mentioned Mr. Turner.  Both remembered the gift and the object lesson.
We may sometimes never know the impact that we have on others while passing through this life.
Jerry L. Wright













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