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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

Two New Physicians Come to Crockett Hospital
Houston County Courier - November 2008
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer


East Texas Medical Center Crockett has added two new doctors to its staff: Dr. Nhue Ho who arrived Sept. 1 and Dr. Ray Chen whose first day was Thursday, Oct. 23.
Dr. Ho comes to us from The Woodlands, Conroe, from where he now commutes daily. He and his stay-at-home wife have two children: an eight-year old son and a 6-year old daughter. Dr. Ho said of his wife, "She has the hard job!"
The doctor attended high school in the Houston area, graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, majoring in biology and chemistry and then upon his mother's suggestion after he became undecided about becoming a physicist, he embraced the idea of becoming a physician.
He attended George Washington University for his M.D. and did a residency in Galveston.  After spending six years in the Air Force, which included a tour in Iraq, and two years in San Antonio, Dr. Ho started a private practice, then a clinic where he found it difficult to manage, administrate, and care for patients, plus be as good a husband and father as he wanted to be.
Spending 80-90 and more hours a week, juggling up to 120 telephone calls a day, and never having any quality time with his young family, Dr. and Mrs. Ho sat down and decided that the "hectic" lifestyle was not for them.
Thus he found himself in Crockett--his goal--to develop better camaraderie with his patients and colleagues, and to partner with his wife in guiding and advising their young son and daughter in reaching their life's goals,
Dr. Ho's family came to the U.S. in 1974 under the jurisdiction of the Central Intelligence Agency, CIA.  Since his father was a South Vietnamese policeman, he remained in Vietnam as a prisoner of war for 14 years, from 1974 until 1988.  The elder Ho was able to join his family in 1992.
Dr. Ho proudly proclaims his son's skills and talent in Tae Kwon Do as well as his daughter's agility in gymnastics.  Both children have the opportunity to train with professionals in their particular athletic event, which possibly may eventually lead to the Olympics.
With Mrs. Ho, an accountant, the doctor, who was an academic UIL Math winner during high school, also spends extra time with both youngsters in the subjects of math and science. 
Dr. Ho demonstrated the technique that he taught himself while still in high school, which lengthened and strengthened his powers of concentration.
  He concentrated his attention on the end of a lead pencil, never letting his thoughts wander.  He said he was able to do that exercise for up to 15 minutes.  His 8-year old son can concentrate for a full minute before his attention span is broken.
Dr. Ho's hectic life style has slowed somewhat since coming to Crockett.  He's focused on building his medical practice here and taking care of and administering to his patients' medical needs.
Then once he's accomplished his career goals, and since he believes in public education, he may venture into the classroom, first at the high school level, then junior high and finally the elementary school as a tutor, role model, and advocate for young people in the community.



Dr. Ray Chen

Dr. Ray Chen spent 32 years of his more than 35 years as a surgeon in various Houston area hospitals.  Originally from Taipei, Taiwan, he came to the states in 1975 after completing the National Taiwan University College of Medicine in 1969.  His specialties are Thoracic Surgery (Cardiothoracic Vascular Surgery) and General Surgery.
Dr. Chen worked with Dr. Denton Cooley, noted heart surgeon, whom he described as "charismatic, charming, and having star quality." 
Because of his in-laws' poor health, he returned to Taiwan for two years in 1997 and 1998 and served as chief of staff in a hospital there.  After his wife's parents' passed away, he was asked to come back to Texas.
In Houston, Dr. Chen has been affiliated with Hermann Medical Center, St. Joseph's and M.D. Anderson hospitals, Twelve Oaks Medical Center and Bayshore Medical Center,
Dr. Chen said that although he would not be performing heart surgeries, he would be bringing his expertise of his medical center years to Crockett.  He will still be doing all kinds of basic surgery that is offered by East Texas Medical Center.
Of his short term in Crockett, new resident Dr. Chen said, "So far, so good.  I can see the blue sky, it's cooler and more comfortable than Houston, and I don't miss the city at all." 
He said, "I am a reader.  I like science literature and I plan to take care of myself by eating right and getting exercise and enjoying the countryside."
He also enjoys music and plans to catch up on his sleep.  He is exploring the city, checking out the restaurants, and taking pleasure in a less hectic lifestyle.
He said, "I come here to serve Crockett and the surrounding area." 
Welcome, Dr. Chen to Crockett and Houston County.

















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