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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2008
Copyright 2008 - Polk County Publishing Company

CISD Approves Bus Driver Salary Increases
Houston County Courier - November 2008
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

Crockett Independent School District's new transportation director, Bruce Baker, and Deputy Superintendent David Baxter appealed to CISD Board of Trustees in Monday's, Nov. 10, regular board meeting for approval of a proposed salary scale for district bus drivers.
In the slide show presentation, Baxter chronicled the "awesome" responsibilities of a school bus driver.  He said, "A school bus is an extension of the classroom," and said that CISD was not able to hire and retain bus drivers because of low pay, high risks, pressures and expectations.
The plan as presented consists of 15 steps with steps 1-3 beginning at $8.50 per hour and step 15 paying $11.50 for a 4-hour workday. An incentive payment of $50 per year rewards longevity.  Experience in any other school district can be transferred.
Rules and regulations for bus drivers, directors and student riders were reviewed; 636 students ride buses every day in CISD; buses are driven 872 miles per day; 16 buses; on an average route 30 students are on the bus with 10 pick-ups and drop--offs.
Board members unanimously approved the proposed salary scale with amendments, then followed suit immediately with a unanimous vote to approve the amended salary scale. President Claude Watson recognized Trustee Karen Johnson for her efforts in bringing the matter to the attention of the board.
Jeannie Julian, in her new capacity as assistant superintendent of Crockett Independent School District presented the District Improvement Plan, Campus Improvement Plans, end of first six weeks academic reports including benchmarks and student failures, and gave a report on the special education inclusion program to trustees.
Ms. Julian said of the District Improvement Plan, "It's been a labor of love, but it's a work in progress," as she detailed the evolvement of the plan, from the school board's vision in determining and approving the basic five goals to the night's presentation.
Taking board members' suggestions, she said, "It's no problem to add, adapt, change or take out; if this plan is not written or marked on before we finalize it, we're not doing our job.  We want your input."
Campus improvement plans for the early childhood center, elementary, junior high and high school campuses were also presented with Goal #1: Student achievement, the biggest part of each campus' design.
Both plans were unanimously accepted with modifications by the trustees and will be presented to the board as finished products at a later date.
Ms. Julian gave the Special Education Inclusion Report with no action required by the board.  She said, "We need to change the culture of the classroom, from mine to ours," as she listed the steps in a successful program: presence, planning, presenting, processing and problem solving.
Some disagreement by board members to accept the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Bill Like to retain policies as written regarding board members compensation and expenses and compensation and benefits expense reimbursement.
After an explanation from Board President Watson of why the board should retain policies as written, Trustee Trey Young, seconded by Trustee Johnny Lawrence made the motion to reimburse travel and meal expenses with no requirement for receipts.
Young, Lawrence, and Trustees Watson and Ms. Johnson voted for, Trustees Helen Dubcak and Deborah Kennedy voted against and Trustee James Berry abstained in a vote of 4-2-1.
Consent agendas, minutes from previous meeting, review of check register, bills and budget comparison and student attendance and template were unanimously accepted after amendments, corrections, or modifications were made.
A payment in the amount of $21,389, final payment on the new construction project for the installed window blinds was approved as was the Administrative Appraisal Calendar and a district wide campus security scan system for all campuses.
After the board returned from executive session with Wayne Haglund, board attorney, the board voted to equalize the assistant superintendent and high school principal salaries, hired Dylis Bobbitt as early childhood teacher, took no action on superintendent's evaluation and real estate sales agreement, and set Dec. 8 for board training and Dec. 15 as next regular school board meeting.

Prior to consent items, Stephen Tuggle, principal of Crockett Junior High School and his Positive Behavior Support Team, Wendy Tullos, Jessica Acosta, Alicia Bailey, Donna Drum, Patricia Lankford, Lillie Murphy and Linda Orme, were recognized


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