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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Kennard considers retirement of firetruck
Houston County Courier -  November 2009

By Jerry L. Wright

KENNARD - Soon after Mayor Jesse Stephens called the meeting of Kennard City Council to order on Monday, Nov. 9 Don Parrish took the floor to discuss the retirement of a 1972 International fire truck. 
Parrish said the truck was taking up room at the fire station and reported that the E.S.D. said that the truck needed to be retired. 
Parrish reminded the council that he and his father, R.G. Parrish, contributed many volunteer man-hours to refurbish the truck. 
Don Parrish also reported that Nov. 9 was the third anniversary of his father’s death. 
Parrish commented that he did not know how the truck could be sold or retired from the fire service but he and his family would like to keep the truck in the Parrish family. 
While Parrish had the floor he presented the fire department report to the city council. 
The report was prepared by Sherry Morgan.  The report documented 131 man-hours of fire fighting with 16 calls or the month of October. 
Parrish also spoke of training.  Mayor Stephens intervened and explained the recent evaluation of the fire department members. 
Each member will know their score but that score will remain private.  The total score will be considered and a sincere effort will be made to bring the department closer to State standards. 
Mayor Stephens questioned Parrish in regard to status on the tanker truck and Parrish replied, “It is a work in progress.” 
Parrish went on to say that the truck would be very nice when finished.
When Mayor Stephens mentioned the city bills, he called attention to the nice new floor of the meeting room.  Several comments of approval were heard.
Council then reverted back to the subject of the 1972 fire truck. 
The discussion was centered on the correct procedure to retire or sell the truck.  No action was taken on the matter. 
Mayor Stephens presented the resolution of appointing a municipal court judge and municipal court clerk. 
After a brief discussion motions were made to appoint Walt Wilson as city judge and Jerry L. Wright as court clerk.  Each motion passed.  The position of judge will run concurrent with the mayor.  The position of clerk will be for two years.
Resolution #93 concerning authorizing signatories to the 2008 Supplemental Disaster Recovery Grant was discussed.  The motion was made and passed. 
Then the 2008 Supplemental Disaster Recovery Grant Contract was discussed, motion made and passed. 
The only further discussion was required to state that the first resolution was to establish the names of the signatories and the second was to actually sign the grant if needed.
Ordinance #88 Hazard Mitigation Action Plan was next on the agenda.  During discussion it was determined that the plan was already in action but the city council was asked to go back and formally approve it.
The Clean Water State Revolving Fund Loan Program was presented to the council by the mayor. 
The program is essentially a loan available to fund the waste water system and improvements. 
There was discussion on updating the wastewater treatment plant.  No action was taken.
City Administrator Mike Deckard read the minutes for October.
Reports from the city utility director revealed that three sewer pumps had gone out.  He also reported two breaks on Julian Street.
It was reported that a plan is in action that would replace all of the pumps at the pump stations. 
There was some dialogue in regard to pump stations on Hwy 7.  The final decision was to wait and see what the Texas Department of Transportation was going to do.
The wastewater sewage treatment plant was discussed.  The city hired an architect to monitor the situation and keep abreast of the problems.  One issue noted was the clay liner, which would prevent seepage. 
The meeting was then adjourned. 
 Those present for the meeting included Mayor Jesse Stephens, Council Members Donald Lamb, Roger Jones, Pete Taylor, and G.M. McClinton. 
Councilman Bobby Calhoun was not present.
Also present was City Administrator Mike Deckard, Utility Directors Rex English, and Tod English as well as Kennard Volunteer Fire Department Representative: Don Parrish. Pat Duell attended as a visitor.




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