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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

City to reactivate old water well
Houston County Courier -  November 2009

By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

CROCKETT - The city of Crockett will begin the process to reactivate the old water well located on the hill in front of the Houston County Sheriff’s Office jail following a unanimous approval by city fathers during their regular meeting held on Monday night, Nov. 16.
According to City Administrator Ron Duncan, it will cost about $42,067 to reactivate the well which included the purchase and installation of a 3phase, 460 volt, 400 gallon/minute submersible pump system, 150 lb. Chlorination system and the ONCOR conversion of service transformer to 480 volt, 3p.
Duncan said it would also take an additional $2,000 in man-hours and equipment to get the well online.
He said that with the capacity the well would be able to deliver that by mid-August the well would pay for itself. He added that by next year he hoped the well would produce about 32.3 million gallons.
Duncan said a citation for non-compliance with regulations by the Texas Commission of Environmental Quality (TCEQ) in 2008 necessitated the urgency of project.
In other business, the city voted to approve a request for tax abatement from Shivoham Hospitality, Inc. for the proposed construction of a 55-room hotel on Loop 304 in front of the civic center.
According to Tim Culp, executive director of Crockett Economic and Industrial Development Corporation, construction on the $3.5 million project is slated to begin March 2010 and completed in April 2011.
He said the hotel is expected to create 12 jobs and two families will transfer to the area in connection with the project.
The total abatement granted by the city for a five-year period is estimated to be $37,115.
Mayor Wayne Mask pointed out that the city will benefit from the revenue from the hotel-motel tax paid by guests.
Council also briefly discussed the issue of the number of false alarm calls within the city. Duncan told council he had talked with David Baxter at Crockett Independent School District and he has taken some steps to help eliminate the alarm problem. Duncan said Baxter was unable to attend the meeting but would attend the next meeting to assist in finding a solution to the problem.
Crockett Police Chief Jimmy Fisher said that if someone shakes the doors of the campus buildings the alarm will go off and it was possible that some of the calls were the result of youth attempting to vandalize the campuses.
He said a specific report form would allow the officers to assist in identifying if the alarm was an equipment failure or an attempted vandalism.
Fisher also recommended that all of the school campuses install video cameras.
In other police related business, Fisher told council he had met with the housing authority official Otis Bryan and that they had discussed two options for increasing police visibility at the various properties.
Fisher said one option was that the housing authority would provide a residence for a police officer at no cost. The officer would be responsible for remodeling of the apartment, and the monthly utilities. The officer would also drive a patrol unit home and be on site.
“This will be a win-win situation for the city and housing authority,” Fisher said.
He said that Sgt. Mike Harrell was going to take advantage of the program and that one other officer was considering the option.
Councilman Jackie Jones said, ‘You just feel more secure with an officer there.”
In a separate discussion, Duncan told council that during a Friday meeting with TxDOT they announced nine projects in Houston County including two that should have a firm answer by January consisting of a continuous two-way left turn lane on Loop 304 bewteen Hwy. 7 and Hwy. 287 and on Loop 304 betweeen Hwy. 287 and Hwy. 19 south.





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