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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - November 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Voters speak their minds on constitutional amendments
Houston County Courier -  November 2009

By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

Voters in Houston County let the Legislature know just how they felt about the 11 propositions that appeared on the Tuesday, Nov. 3 ballot.
A total of 1,415 citizens made their way to the polls to cast ballots in the county’s 21 precincts.
Slightly fewer than half the voters, 427 to be exact, took advantage of the early voting option while 988 voters cast their ballot on election day.
For this individual election the precincts were consolidated into five voting locations in Crockett, Grapeland, Kennard, Lovelady and Weches.
A total of 871 voters said no to Proposition 1 while 495 votes were cast against the measure.
On Proposition 2, a total of 470 voters cast ballots against the measure while 919 voters gave it their okay.
A total of 732 voters said no to Proposition 3, while 648 voters said yes.
On Proposition 4 a total of 944 voters were against the measure while 417 people voted in favor of it.
Proposition 5 garnered 830 no votes and 507 yes votes were cast.
A total of 661 voters cast ballots against Proposition 6 while 705 votes were cast in favor of the measure.
On Proposition 7, 515 voters said no and 858 gave the measure the nod.
A total of 523 voters said no to Proposition 8 and 860 said yes.
Proposition 9 managed 424 votes against the measure and a total of 936 for.
On Proposition 10 a total of 472 voters said no and 881 agreed with the measure.
On Proposition 11, a total of 190 said no and 1,188 said yes.





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