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J. H. Wootters Crockett Public Library honors area veterans
Houston County Courier

On Wednesday, Nov. 9, just ahead of Veterans Day, the Crockett Public Library will unveil its Adaptive Technology Center funded with Emma Catherine Walters Endowment funds. This is especially timely as U. S. troops will be returning from Iraq by the end of the year. The Adaptive Technology Center will open to the public for the first time from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. so the software can be tried out and/or demonstrated to visitors. The computers are housed in wide handicapped and wheelchair accessible carrels. Each computer has a 23-inch Acer touch screen monitor, large print keyboard, DougTrac ball mouse, Koss headphone with adjustable volume and an Ergo ergonomic mouse-pad. This center is equipped and available for any person who needs adaptive technology. One library computer will be set up for Skype with a camera and microphone to allow family members stay in touch with soldiers who are deployed overseas. Skype usage will be scheduled by appointment only. Two computers will have zoom text software for the visually challenged. For those who prefer to speak with word recognition software, one computer will have naturally speaking software. The public opening will be a come-and-go event. Refreshments will be set up in the auditorium where guests are invited to relax, visit and share stories. Please note that the library also provides a large print section next to the Adaptive Technology Center, and an area has been set up with a comfortable leather couch and game or craft tables. “The library applauds the service and dedication of service men and women to our country, and this is our small way of saying thanks to all of our veterans,” librarians announced.


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