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Fond farewell to old friend
Houston County Courier

Thursday, Nov. 3 was a day of mixed emotions for members of the Crockett Volunteer Fire Department. Firefighters said a final farewell to its 1977 Mack ladder truck (100-foot ladder) pictured above as it was towed away, making room for the new engine that is due to arrive in mid-December. The 1977 truck was purchased from the Houston Fire Department for $100. CVFD sold it for $3,150 as scrap iron, and the funds will be used to purchase equipment for the new engine. Emergency Services District 2 is purchasing the new truck that will be housed at the Crockett station, and the Crockett VFD will purchase equipment for the truck. Crockett Fire Chief John Angerstein said the engine recently viewed by the Crockett City Council is actually the “little sister” to the engine purchased by ESD 2. Angerstein said he and his department are excited about the purchase. “You don’t want old rusty equipment when you’re out trying to save somebody’s life,” he added.


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