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Energy conservation pays big dividends
Houston County Courier

By Jenna Duncan
News Reporter

After a summer of installing energy efficient equipment, Lovelady ISD was rewarded for its energy conservation measures at the Monday, Nov. 19, school board meeting when Oncor presented the district with a check for $22,474.38. The district participated in the Oncor Educational Facilities Program, and Oncor representatives surveyed the facilities in June and made suggestions to be more energy efficient and once renovations were completed in October conducted a second audit. Based on the improvements made, the district was rewarded with the cash incentive to help pay for the upgraded equipment. Oncor is an electric delivery company that transmits and distributes electricity on behalf of other companies. Additionally, Oncor offers the cash incentive program for schools that implement energy conservation measures. “One of the things we do is encourage energy conservation and one of the ways we do that is by giving incentives to folks like school districts to put in better energy efficiency equipment, and y’all have just completed one of those projects,” Oncor Regional Manager Charles Hill said at the meeting. savings, and for each kilowatt hour (kWh) saved, Oncor gave the district 0.0671 cents. Overall, the district’s is projected to save 303,312.9 kWh, 140,820.3 kWh at the elementary and middle school, and 162,492.6 kWh at the junior high and high school campus annually. “School districts in Texas are aggressively pursuing every dollar we can find to ensure we meet the needs of our students,” Dyer said in a press release. “The Lovelady ISD school board approved a comprehensive performance contract to make energy efficient improvements that will benefit Lovelady ISD for many years. “We were able to leverage this with Oncor’s Educational Facilities Program incentives. It will just makes good fiscal sense to participate in programs that help us save energy and then rewards us for our efforts.” Dyer said the incentive check and annual savings aren’t the only benefits of the upgrades, they will also save time and manpower. Maintenance staff will hopefully spend less time on repairs, and parts of the equipment won’t need to be replaced. “You hope with a new unit that you have a lot less maintenance, which means less hours that your maintenance staff is working on it or calling out a contractor to work on it,” Dyer said. “The one up-front cost is cheaper over the life of the program.”


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