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Letter to the Editor
Houston County Courier - October 2008

Due to my recent incarceration I’ve been given an opportunity to rehabilitate my process of thinking.
I also pay closer attention to the consequences I face with the decisions that I make.
Just for the few months I’ve been isolated from society has given me better judgement skills and a grasp on the roll of character I should play within my life.
I’ve taken wrong turns and made mistakes some which cost me more than others.
I’m a first time offender who is now serving a 10 year sentence on a drug conviction.
While I’m here my goal is to turn a negative into a positive.
Believe me it doesn’t take 10 years to figure out you don’t want to deal with drugs anymore. All it takes is a change.
I was recently talked upon in a column is which made me out to be someone who I’m not.
Why would someone want to put my parole at jeopardy when I’m not the person you need to keep off the streets?
I love my family and my freedom just like anyone else.
I know I deserve a chance. I’m coming up for parole in March and all I ask of you is to not judge me just because I had a couple of run-ins with the law?
So deep down inside yourself ask the question am I the guy you’ve been looking for?
Why should I be pointed out in a column of the newspaper when I’ve learned from my mistakes?
I’m one of the ones who you should really consider on giving another chance.
Until then I’ll be doing my time for a conviction that’s similar to other inmates who are only serving two years

Broderick Davis












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