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Tax notices to be mailed
Houston County Courier - October 2008

The taxing units in Houston County are in the process of mailing tax statements for 2008.
The county taxes were mailed the end of September and the school and city tax statements are expected to be mailed by Oct. 10.  
The 2008 taxes are due prior to Feb. 1, 2009; however, some taxing entities offer discounts for early payment. 
Also, senior citizens and property owners who qualify for over-65 or disability exemptions on their property are eligible to pay their taxes in four quarterly payments. 
In order to qualify for this payment agreement those who qualify are encouraged to contact their taxing entity and pay the one-quarter payments prior to Feb. 1, 2009.
Those who did not receive a tax statement for 2008 or have a question concerning their taxes should contact Houston County Tax Office at 544-3255 or Houston County appraisal District at 544-9655.













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