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Letter to the Editor
Houston County Courier - October 2008

We want to commend our local EMT, volunteer firefighters, and law enforcement personnel in the professional manner they conducted themselves Tuesday afternoon, Oct. 7.
We were driving southbound on Hwy. 287 in the late afternoon just past Salmon, approaching the Anderson - Houston County line. 
Although we did not see the actual impact, we were immediately upon an extremely serious accident, both small trucks mangled, and the entire roadway blocked. 
We were the third vehicle on the scene. 
The lady in front of us pulled over, jumped out, and began running to the vehicles.  I pulled over, jumped out, and followed her.  We went to the small truck that appeared to be the most damaged.  My wife ran to the other vehicle where there appeared to be a woman who was conscious.
Eighteen wheelers were approaching over the slight rise in the road from the south, hitting their brakes, and screeching to a halt. 
Traffic began piling up and more people showed up to help.  One lady, stating she was a nurse, came to the first vehicle to join me and the first lady, who I later found out was a student nurse.
Although the young man in the first truck died on the scene, the lady in the second truck was eventually airlifted out. 
In all, five DPS troopers, numerous firefighters, the Anderson County Constable, Justice of the Peace, and an abundance of EMT personnel eventually were on the scene.
The roadway was blocked for almost two hours during the process, but what impressed us the most was the complete loving concern shown by everyone involved to attend to not only the two victims, but those of us who were helping. 
Their attitudes and demeanor were to be of as much help, show compassion and concern, and put their training and experience into immediate practice.
To the two nurses who worked tirelessly and relentlessly in their heroic efforts to save the young man, we want to say a tremendous thank you from the community. 
You are both angels in disguise and should the need ever arise we pray that you would be on the scene to assist us.
We have lived in rural Ellis County for 30 years and are in the process of moving to the southern boundary of Anderson County. 
Our mail actually comes out of Grapeland. 
If the professionalism and demonstrated knowledge and training are any indication of this area, we are very pleased to make this our new home.
God bless each of you who were on the scene of this horrific accident and assisted in any way, especially to you two blessed angel nurses. 
May our Lord protect each of you as you continue to serve this community.

Alan and Judy Gell







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