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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - October 2008
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New Programs at CJH
Houston County Courier - October 2008

In June, Stephen Tuggle, principal at Crockett Junior High attended the Safe and Civil Schools Practical Solutions for Positive Results training in Portland, Ore. and returned to the junior high campus with some constructive ideas in recognizing positive behaviors in 6th, 7th and 8th graders.
Instead of Friday Night Live in which junior high students were required to spend three hours after school making up homework or zeroes, Tuggle has implemented Fantastic Friday where he awards incentive prizes that hold real value to teenagers.
Winners of ipods on the first Fantastic Friday were 6th grader Payton Dillis, 7th grader Cristian Martinez and 8th grader Ty McDonald.
Winners of Apple shuffles on the second Fantastic Friday were 6th grader Beverly Ross, 7th grader Jasmine McKnight and 8th grader Jamie Grounds.
And on the third Fantastic Friday, Oct. 17, 6th grader Victoria Rodriguez, 7th grader Jasmine McKnight and 8th grader Hector Vela were the recipients of a $25 gift card from WalMart.
To win a prize on Fantastic Friday, students must have completed all homework, made no zeroes and have no discipline referrals.
Another motivational incentive that Principal Tuggle has implemented is the Principal's 200 Club.  Teachers and staff hand out yellow tickets to random students they do not know and blue tickets to students that "got caught" for good behavior such as obeying rules, being courteous, or doing a good deed in the cafeteria, hallways, gym or classroom.
Students use the tickets to write their names in one of the 14 X 14 blocks on the motivational chart in the front office.  Once all the spaces in a row are filled up, students are invited by the principal to a lunch date.  The first group went to Pizza Hut.
Instead of recognizing and rewarding "bad behavior," staff and administrators are acknowledging those junior high school students who are doing "all the right things" and following the educational and behavioral policies of the school district in making wise decisions.












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