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Letter - Writer worried about future
Houston County Courier - October 2008

I am writing this letter because of my concern about Habitat's current status and its future. Simply put, there are not enough volunteers to continue Habitat in Houston County.
Unfortunately, committed supporters have moved from the community and others have lost interest.
There have not been volunteers to take their place. There seems to be a consensus in the community that having Habitat here is a good idea but the volunteer commitment is not forthcoming.
Habitat's strength is that it is totally dependent on volunteers and Habitat's greatest weakness is that it is totally dependent on volunteers.
In the five years since Habitat's organization, Houston County volunteers, churches, businesses and organizations have raised the funds and organized the labor to complete two occupied houses.
The Partner Families are making their payments and paying taxes.
Currently, volunteers are needed to serve on the board of directors, provide clerical work in the Habitat office, help move the Habitat office from Goliad, begin raising funds for the next house and clear the donated lot at 1006 Dunbar Street.
I personally want to see Habitat continue. However, for that to happen, citizens, organizations, churches and businesses need to provide volunteer labor and financial support.
There are three options facing the Habitat board: 1) determine if enough support exists to continue Habitat in Houston County; 2) disband and ask neighboring Habitats to take over the current houses; 3) let Habitat in Houston County gradually become an effort of the past.

Johnnie McKnight








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