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Letter - Reader finds good news in bad situation
Houston County Courier - October 2008

Hurricane Ike hit each of us pretty bad, but there is good news out of a bad situation.
My family lives on a dirt road in East Houston County and Ike decided to rid us of a few trees and let them fall across our beloved road pinning us in from one end to the other with no way out.
Sunday morning my daughter was talking to one of our friends by cell phone telling her of our problem and she said here is Brother Jim, our pastor, maybe he can help.
He got on the phone and said he will take care of it and wow, did he ever.
He and a young man from our church, Austin Soles, came and cut and cleared about three miles for us and that afternoon delivered ice and water to our shut ins.
Now Brother Jim Durham, my hero, is pastor of First Baptist Church Kennard and we want him to know he is appreciated and loved so much and thanks.
So, this is my good news story.

Ken Thames









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