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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - October 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Drought plan reviewed by city
Houston County Courier -  October 2009

By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

Crockett city fathers reviewed a proposed drought contingency plan that Mayor Pro-tem Bill Holcomb and City Administrator Ron Duncan had edited following concerns presented at the previous meeting regarding some of the wording contained in the document.
Duncan said they had made some significant changes to the text and reminded council that a draft was on file at the TECQ and that the city needed to approve the ordinance. Council approved the ordinance unanimously.
“I believe where we are right now fits the bill. TECQ will accept it and we can renew or modify the plan as circumstances change,” Duncan said.
Holcomb, who served as mayor several years ago when the city had to implement a drought contingency plan, responded by saying, “I’m not 100 percent satisfied. I think we need to work on it more.”
Holcomb said the water district only had a few customers and they advertised their plan so customers were aware of it and he felt the city needed to notify the citizens that a drought contingency plan was being adopted so they would have an opportunity for input.
Duncan said a notice would be placed in the newspaper that would let the citizens know a copy of the plan would be available at city hall for their viewing.
Council also approved a resolution to pursue energy efficiency and conservation block grant funding available through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Duncan said information about the availability of the grant was tied to a document he received from the state comptroller’s office, which identified cities that were allocated funds for the projects.
He said Crockett was on the list eligible for  $35,000.
Duncan said he found a sub-contractor who would provide a free audit of the efficiency of the city’s three largest users of energy, namely the civic center, library and city hall.
Duncan said the city would use the funding to reduce the footprint of the buildings, “Basically it is what can we do for $35,000”
Council members discussed various uses for the funding including changing from incandescent light bulbs to the energy consumed by the motors at the North Waste Water Treatment Plant.
In other business council approved the nomination of Red Kitchen as the representative to the Houston County Appraisal District and the reappointment of Jake Caprielian, Elmer Murray and Terry Cutler to the board of directors of the Crockett Economic and Industrial Corporation.
Council also approved contracts with Gary R. Traylor and Associates and KSA Engineers for the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program for sanitary sewer facility improvements.
Duncan reported that the city had seven families who made it through the process for the home program and that five had been sent letters and two would be considered alternates as the program moved forward. He said there should be enough funding to build at least five, maybe six homes.
Responding to questions from council during the police report, Sgt. Mike Harrell said the majority of the 45 false alarms received during September came from Crockett Independent School District.
He added that Police Chief Jimmy Fisher had spoken with David Baxter about the situation.
Duncan said he would call Baxter again and look into drafting an ordinance that would address excessive false alarms.
Also during the police report Duncan said the city was going to take more forceful measures to protect the civic center following another break in recently. Mayor Wayne Mask said the suspect came in through a window in Tim Culp’s office, ransacked that office and then went to other offices in the building and found $65 and a camera. Sgt. Harrell said the case was under investigation.



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