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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - October 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

HCSO dispatchers complete training
Houston County Courier -  October 2009

On Thursday, Oct. 8 the Houston County Sheriff’s Office announced that six of their dispatchers completed the necessary criteria to be associate trainers. 
The training takes four days and on completion the dispatchers can instruct on the Texas Department of Public Safety policies regarding TCIC anywhere in the state.
The associate trainers include Susie Hammond, Jennifer Brockway, Connie Eccles, Sylvuan Duncan, Samantha Wolfford, and Katie Stephens.
Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt said the training was available at no cost to the county and the knowledge gained was very valuable. 
Sheriff Bobbitt said, “We are always looking for training to keep our staff up to speed on the latest and newest developments in law enforcement.”  
He added that because of the way the old jail is designed, his dispatchers were required to obtain a jailers license by the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. 
He stated that five of the dispatchers who were not certified, along with two other employees, were part of a pilot program taking the jail class over the internet. 
He stated that his dispatchers were in the top 10 out of 70 students. 
Sheriff Bobbitt said that dispatchers have all taken the state jail test and passed. 
He stated that although they do not go into the booking area of the jail, they have to man the controls through dispatch, which is the reason for the requirement that they be jailers. 
“Because we are an approved training provider with the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education (TCLEOSE) we have the benefit of providing our own training and saving the county hundreds of dollars in education costs.  Other law enforcement agencies benefit from this, as well.  We do our best to make available to each employee the training they need to do their job proficiently and professionally.  We have a great staff,” said Sheriff Bobbitt, “and because of that, our turnover is low.” 
Sheriff Bobbitt stated that he is proud of his office staff and looks forward to the continued growth of the sheriff’s office as they strive to meet the needs of law enforcement in Houston County.




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