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Stories Added - October 2010
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U.S. Forest Service issues fire restrictions
Houston County Courier

Forest Supervisor Linda Brett has announced Friday an immediate ban on all fires in the National Forests in Texas. Only gas and propane grills, lanterns and stoves may be used in developed recreation areas and designated hunter camps. All other types of fires are prohibited. The ban also includes smoking, which is allowed only in an enclosed vehicle, building, developed recreation site or in a three-foot circular area cleared of all flammable material. “Considering the extreme fire hazard due to the increasingly serious lack of rainfall, we’re asking everyone to use the highest level of caution when visiting the Angelina, Sabine, Davy Crockett and Sam Houston National Forests,” Brett said. “The build-up of dead trees and brush, when combined with drought, causes a tinderbox.” “Conditions in East Texas are potentially explosive for wildfires, and it’s important that people be watchful for fires and call local authorities if a fire is spotted.” she said. “We need help from our visitors and neighbors in the surrounding communities to ensure that the national forests and adjacent lands are safe from careless wildfires.”


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