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Mask to run for county judge seat
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones
Managing Editor

While the list of rumored potential candidates for the county judge’s seat steadily increases, Crockett Mayor Wayne Mask has confirmed his intent to run for the position after Judge Lonnie Hunt’s expected resignation becomes effective in early December.“I am excited about the prospect of taking my can-do attitude to the job of county judge,” Mask said.“If elected, I will continue to give the county the same positive, progressive approach I have had as the mayor of Crockett for the past nearly 13 years,” Mask stated.He continued, “I’ve always felt that good government is about the right people in the right places at the right time. “I am passionate about seeing Houston County grow and prosper and would love the opportunity to be part of our great county government system.” Hunt announced last week that he is accepting a new position with the Texas Association of Counties in Austin.On Tuesday, Oct. 25 Hunt reaffirmed during a regular session of the Houston County Commissioners Court his intent to resign on or about Dec. 7.Hunt explained he will officially resign with an effective date that will ensure there will be an open election to select a new judge.If new election laws passed by the 82nd Legislature receive the required preclearance by the U. S. Department of Justice, Saturday, Nov. 12 will be the first day to file for a place on the March 6, 2012 election ballot.If the new law receives preclearance from the USDOJ, the last day to file for a place on the ballot will be Monday, Dec. 12.The primary election will be March 6, 2012. The primary runoff election date will be May 22, 2012 (the fourth Tuesday in May) if approved by the USDOJ.The general election will be Nov. 6, 2012.Under the new laws, if approved by the USDOJ, the last day to file for a place on the general election ballot will be Aug. 20, 2012, the 78th day before election day.According to information provided by the Texas Secretary of State, local political subdivisions, other than cities or school districts, (e.g. counties) may not have a “first day” to file for the general election. The first day to file for city and school elections will be July 21, 2012.The Texas Secretary of State’s office notes that although the first day to file falls on a Saturday, the filing authority is not required to hold weekend office hours to receive candidate applications.The deadline for write-in candidates is usually on the fifth day after the regular filing deadline for the election.


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