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District attorney’s office investigating local travel agency
Houston County Courier

By Jenna Duncan
News Reporter

The Houston County District Attorney’s office executed a warrant to seize the computer of Crockett Travel owner Stacey Shupak on Tuesday, Oct. 2. District Attorney Donna Kaspar said they are investigating complaints about alleged missing travel miles and others customers who alleged they were not getting the services they paid for. The complaints began about three weeks ago. The computer will be sent to a lab to be analyzed, Kaspar said. The office is currently trying to select a lab, and it is not known how long the analysis will take. Based on results of the analysis, Kaspar will determine if charges are warranted. Crockett Travel is located on the square, and leases office space from Ellen McCreight. Crockett Travel is in no way affiliated with McCreight or her business.


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