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Houston County Lake VFD announces lowered ISO rating
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones

The efforts of the Houston County Lake Volunteer Fire Department (HCLVFD) over the past 30 months to reduce its ISO fire insurance rating has come to fruition. Officials report an ISO representative visited and reviewed the department in June, and the result is a reduction that will enable some homeowners to get a reduction in their fire insurance rates. As of Oct. 1, the volunteer fire department’s ISO rating was changed from a 10 to a split 9/10, department officials reported. According to a department press release from Training Chief Richie Rankel, the HCLVFD began working in April 2010 to reduce its ISO rating by addressing various training, administrative and equipment/gear issues. The Oct. 1 rating change means that homeowners and businesses less than five road miles from the fire station may have their insurance premiums may be lowered by their insurance carriers, according to Rankel, who explained the rating of a nine is good only for five road miles from the fire station. “We may have the option to further obtain an 8B rating in the year to come which may reduce premiums even lower.,” the press release states. “Be advised that this process at the state level does take time to take affect - normally at least 4-6 months. So, if this does affect your residence or business, keep an eye out on your premiums this coming year and/or contact your own insurance company to find out further information,” officials caution. The HCLVFD thanks all of its firefighters that helped over the past few years with training and equipment to get the department to its new rating. The department’s next “big” project, Rankel reported, is raising approximately $60,000 for a new booster truck to replace one that is a 1978 Chevy and at the end of its usefulness.


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