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Reader discusses legislature
Houston County Courier - September 2008

The citizens of Texas need to know what is really happening in Austin.   Never again will I believe what a legislator says.

Many believe that if the corridor is built the landowner will receive fair market value.

While researching the Texas condemnation laws I discovered a few interesting things that everyone needs to be aware of.

The Texas Supreme Court ruled that a single offer by a developer satisfies the requirement of negotiating in good faith. 

What they are saying is “what is important is not the amount of the offer but the fact that an offer was made."

The bottom line is that this ruling by the Texas Supreme Court greatly reduces the chances of landowners getting fair market value for their property.

The Texas Legislature attempted to fix this problem. House Bill 2006 reinstated procedural rules and rights as they were prior to this Supreme Court ruling. 

House Bill 2006 passed the House by 125 to 11. It passed the Senate by 28 to 2.  This is what we needed. 

House Bill 2006 was vetoed by the governor, on the grounds of saving the taxpayers money.  What he really meant was it will save the developer money.

The thing that leaves me speechless with this legislation is that even with a resounding majority of the legislators willing to stand up for the landowners, they were not willing to stand up to the governor, therefore leaving all of us in the dust.

We can no longer be asleep at the wheel thinking that our legislators, whom we elect, are going to protect us.

Austin, East Texas will be watching you.

Connie Fogle







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