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Hurricane Ike
Houston County Courier - September 2008
By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

As of press time on Wednesday morning, Sept. 10, meteorologists were still calculating a projected path for Hurricane Ike as he entered the Gulf of Mexico.

Some predictions indicated the storm would slam into the Texas coast near Corpus Christi.

 Other models suggested the growing storm could strike anywhere from Galveston southward.

As part of the Houston County Emergency Preparedness plan and in preparation of the arrival of Hurricane Ike, local authorities authorized the installation of several hurricane evacuation route road signs near critical intersections of Loop 304 to assist motorists making their way from the Gulf Coast to designated shelters north of Houston County.

According to Crockett City Administrator Ron Duncan, the signs were located at critical intersections including Hwy. 19 north, Hwy. 19 south, Hwy. 287 south, Hwy. 7-21 east and Hwy. 7-21 west.

Houston County Emergency Management Coordinator David Lamb said the measure was part of a plan to ready the area for the influx of evacuees making their way north from the coast.

Duncan said the signs will serve to help eliminate the confusion to drivers who are not familiar with the loop or the square in Crockett.

Other preparations in the state included the Tuesday, Sept. 9 authorization by Governor Rick Perry to activate duty deployment for up to 7,500 Texas Military Soldiers and Airmen in response to hurricane.

State preparations started Sunday, Sept. 7 at H-120 or 120 hours prior to expected landfall.   

Key personnel from local, state and federal agencies gathered to brief the Deputy Director Division of Emergency Management Jack Colley, of the governor's office, on the state of readiness.

For the Texas Military Forces Ike’s current preparations are comprised of pre-and post landfall assistance and include ground and air evacuation hubs, bus fueling points, management of staging areas for evacuation buses, points of distribution operations and shelter management. 

All available air assets are being reconfigured for search and rescue and medical air evacuations.






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