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Crockett Youth Plays Cop
Houston County Courier - September 2008
By Sharron Randall
Staff Writer

It's no wonder that Seth Stilley's favorite show on television is Cops.  The 7-year old Latexo Elementary School 2nd grader attired in his policeman's costume, acquired on-line, plays traffic cop every chance he gets; from the intersection on Fourth Street where he lives to the courthouse square where he was recently observed directing traffic.

He carries all the trappings of a police officer, but the handcuffs are the only real piece of law enforcement equipment this "wanna-be" practices with.

While pretending to be a cop, Seth uses tools-of-the trade, which include a pencil and pad for writing tickets (he's actually handed our tickets for 'jaywalking'), an identification card, a badge, a whistle and a play firearm.

Tim Ballard of Latexo, a good friend, is proud of the youngster's aspirations.  He said that Seth is a good student, likes to read newspapers, loves to fish and swim, plays youth sports and is learning to play the guitar.

Seth is the son of Dae Van Noy of Crockett and Chris Stilley of Lufkin and the grandson of Denise Cavanar of Latexo.



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