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Council approves tax, water, garbage rates
Houston County Courier - September 2008
By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

During the Tuesday, Sept. 2 meeting of Crockett City Council, Mayor Wayne Mask said he met with members of the Crockett Police Department on Friday, Aug. 29 and they were confident in naming Michael McKay to serve as interim police chief.

In a statement released by the mayor he said, "The appointment of the interim police chief is necessary to ensure continuity of leadership in the police department until the current criminal charges against Chief Jimmy Fisher are concluded."

"The criminal proceedings against Chief Fisher will in all likelihood take several weeks or months to be concluded. Therefore, it was wise and entirely fitting to appoint a senior officer within the Crockett Police Department to fill the position of police chief on an interim basis," he added.

Crockett Fire Department chief Darrell Deckard told Council that following the last meeting the mayor and city administrator had visited the fire department to discuss the condition of the building and that two companies had surveyed the situation and will provide estimates for necessary repairs.

"We are marching in the right direction," Deckard said.

Council approved an ordinance levying ad valorem taxes in the amount of $.45111. City Administrator Ron Duncan said the rate was the same rate that had been discussed at previous meetings.

Council approved a resolution for amendments to the fiscal year 2008 budget to address the revenue shortfall of $387,885.

Councilman Bill Holcomb abstained from the vote to adopt a resolution and agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation for the temporary closure of state right-of-way for Christmas in Crockett slated to be held on Saturday, Nov. 22.

Council approved ordinances amending the garbage and water rates to reflect an increase in fees.

Residential garbage collection will increase to $17 per month and water will increase to  $15.75 for the first 2,000 gallons.

Councilman James Hall was absent from the meeting.





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