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Marriage license fee increases
Houston County Courier - September 2008

According to Houston County Clerk Bridget Lamb, beginning Monday, Sept. 1 the fee for a marriage license increased to $72.

Ms. Lamb said the Legislature passed HB 2685 last session which authorizes a statewide initiative to promote healthy marriages through education.

The healthy marriage initiative in Texas promotes free, skills-based marriage education and provides couples with the tools they need to manage the challenges inherent to relationships.

Classes taught in various venues around the state include eight hours of training focusing on communications skills, conflict resolution, and the elements of a healthy marriage.

Beginning on Sept. 1, couples who take the courses and are provided a certificate by the approved providers will have the added benefit of having $60 of the marriage license fee waived.

The only cost to the couple who have the certification is $12 instead of the regular $72.

For additional information on where courses are offered visit www.family-services.org.








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