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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - September 2009
Copyright 2009 - Polk County Publishing Company

Houston County Sheriff’s Office Jail Report
Houston County Courier -  September 2009

The following individuals were arrested and booked into the Houston County Sheriff’s Office Jail

Tuesday, Sept. 1
William Gilbert Stanley, Jr., 59, arrested by HCSO, charge-interference with public duties, misdemeanor.
Bennie Royce Taylor, 58, arrested by CPD, charge-no driver’s license, expired registration, expired inspection, no insurance, misdemeanor.
Randy Burran, 42, arrested by HCSO, charge-criminal mischief, violation of protective order, misdemeanor, felony.

Wednesday, Sept. 2
James Anthony Mitchell, 21, arrested by CPD, charge-no liability insurance, expired driver’s license, no valid driver’s license, expired inspection sticker, failure to appear, misdemeanor.
Pablo Bernal Ayala, 24, arrested by HCSO, charge, driving while intoxicated, 2nd, failure to appear, evading arrest/detention with motor vehicle, failure to appear, misdemeanor, felony

Thursday, Sept. 3
Christopher Alonza Hill, 28, arrested by CPD, charge-evading arrest detention with a vehicle, possession of marijuana, reckless driving, no driver’s license, expired registration, failure to provide proof of liability insurance, misdemeanor, felony.
Jason Edward Hamlin, 36, arrested by HCSO, charge-forgery, 3 counts, felony.

Friday, Sept. 4
Joseph Richard Gibson, Jr., 42, arrested by HCSO, charge-theft, misdemeanor.
Howard Gordon Bennett, Jr., arrested by HCSO, charge forgery financial instrument, Howard County, felony.

Saturday, Sept. 5
Andre Jamarr Ash, 27, arrested by GPD, charge-possession of marijuana, misdemeanor.
Gary Michael Compton, 34, arrested by DPS, charge-driving while intoxicated, first, misdemeanor.

Sunday, Sept. 6
Sharetha Lamonica Elem, 29, arrested by CPD, charge-assault family violence, misdemeanor.
Ernest Deron White, 32, arrested by CPD, charge-assault family violence, misdemeanor.
Luna Medina Hipilito, 22, arrested by CPD, charge-no driver’s license, no liability insurance, expired registration, expired motor vehicle inspection, misdemeanor.
Aaron Michael Hambrick, 24, arrested by HCSO, charge-aggravated sexual assault with weapon, Orange County, felony.
Casey Labradrik Carter, 18, arrested by CPD, charge-aggravated robbery, Walker County, felony.
Lonnie Alan Donaldson, 22, arrested by DPS, charge-theft, misdemeanor.
Thonda Lunn Crouse, 33, arrested by HCSO, charge-motion to revoke, felony.

Monday, Sept. 7

Betty Lee Harrison, 48, arrested by HCSO, charge-criminal mischief, interference with an emergency call, misdemeanor.
Eric Richard Mendez, 19, arrested by CPD, charge-possession of marijuana, misdemeanor.


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