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Stories Added - September 2010
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Sales tax allocation $116,357.58 headed for Houston County entities
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones
Managing Editor

The five municipalities in Houston County will receive a cumulative total of $116,357.58 in September sales tax allocations from the state comptroller’ office. These sales tax figures represent sales made in July. Crockett will receive $102,543.00, which is 28.31 percent more than the comparable payment received one year ago. So far in 2010, Crockett has received payments totaling $1,004,171.49, a 5.29 decrease from the $1,060,298.42 received for 2009. Grapeland’s sales tax allocation is down 48.51 percent from one year ago. That city's September allocation is $9,060.52. Grapeland has received $130,579.86 in sales tax allocations this year, a 5.09 percent decrease from the $137,589.48 received for 2009. Kennard will receive $1,195.94 in the September disbursement, a 12.34 percent increase since one year ago. The total sales tax allocations Kennard has received in 2010 is $10,439.75, a 9.08 decrease from 2009. Latexo continues to show the largest percentage increase in the county. Latexo will receive $1,194.76, a 269.70 percent increase over the $323.17 payment it received one year ago. The total received so far by Latexo for 2010 is $10,404.64, a 46.55 percent increase over the $7,099.37 amount collected to date for 2009. Lovelady will receive $2,363.36 this month, which is a 7.44 percent increase over the $2,199.59 it received one year ago. Lovelady’s allocations to date for 2010 are $20,679.28, a decrease of 36.47 percent from the $32,553.22 collected to date for 2009. Houston County will receive $47,071.16, a 15.49 percent decrease over the $55,703.01 allotment received one year ago. To date, for 2010, the county has received $638,109.96 in sales tax allocations. This is a 14.5 percent increase over the $557,298.23 received for 2009, to date. According to Texas Comptroller Susan Combs, the state collected $1.77 billion in sales tax in August, up 0.8 percent compared to a year ago. “Monthly sales tax collections continue to slightly exceed year-ago levels. While some major sectors including oil and gas and manufacturing were up, other sectors including construction and retail trade dropped from the previous year,” said Combs. “For fiscal 2010, which began Sept. 1, 2009, collections declined through the first seven months of the year, often by double-digit percentages, but the modest increases during the last five months resulted in an overall decline of 6.6 percent for the fiscal year. Overall, state sales tax collections appear to have stabilized, but solid growth has not yet resumed.” Houston 0.500% 47,071.16 55,703.01 -15.49% 638,109.96 557,298.23 14.50%


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