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CISD receives good news from PWFAA
Houston County Courier

By Lynda Jones
Managing Editor

The children at Crockett Elementary School will soon have bright new art in the foyer to their building, and they also will be involved in its design. Deborah Porth Blackwell and Pam Morrison of the Piney Woods Fine Arts Association announced to the Crockett ISD Board of Trustees Monday, Aug. 29 that PWFAA has received a $10,000 National Endowment for the Arts grant that, when combined with other grant resources, will provide for a $20,000 sculpture project at Crockett Elementary School. During the week of Sept. 26 - 30, actor and visual artist Kevin Reese will be at Crockett Elementary. Reese will spend the five days in classes with fifth graders, helping the students create a permanent kinetic sculpture that will hang in the foyer of CES. The week prior to Reese’s arrival, Morrison will meet with the students to help them prepare drawings of their ideas for the mobile sculpture. She will forward those drawings to Reese so he can do some preparation before coming to Crockett. The students will help design, measure, cut, sand, paint and assemble the sculpture, giving them a hands-on experience of the creative process and a sense of ownership in the result. On Friday, Sept. 30 Reese will perform “A Perfect Balance”, a one-man show inspired by Alexander Calder – the inventor of the mobile, and the completed CES mobile will be revealed to all. Since 2001, Reese has worked with thousands of students and adults across the nation to build more than 90 pieces of “moving” public art. During the process, the students learn lessons in art, math, physics and teamwork . . . all while having fun and producing a long-lasting gift for their school.


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