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Stories Added - October 14, 2007 - October 21, 2007
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Montana Skies
Houston County Courier - October 2007

By Michael Guyton

The Evangeline Glass Classic Eclectic Series continued Thursday, Oct. 4, with a performance by Montana Skies at the First United Methodist Church.
The pews were packed to hear the unique sounds from the duo from Atlanta, Ga.  Montana Skies is a husband and wife collaboration that fuses the sounds of the guitar with those of the cello.
Jonathan and Jennifer Adams met over 10 years ago at the University of Georgia and their love for music drew them to collaborate two instruments not known for being combined.
The couple explained that they have to write their own arrangements of classics and most of the music they play is original because there is a lack of music that includes the guitar and cello.
They also demonstrated a technique they use, utilizing special music pedals that record and loop music recorded on stage creating the layered sound of more than two instruments.
The stage was lit up when the couple began playing and the excitement did not stop until each piece was completed with a flurry of applause and praise for the musical team.
The group played their namesake track Montana Skies followed by a converted Antonio Vivaldi piece entitled "Sonata in E Major, Allegro," that even the red priest himself would have been proud of.
They ventured into the 1960's with their rendition of the Beatles song "Eleanor Rigby." which melded distinct sounds that fused beautifully.
Children of the 1970's were appeased to hear the couple's version of Pink Floyd's rebel rousing song "The Wall."
They ended the first half with a wild and crazy interpretation of the song "House of the Rising Sun" ensuring that everyone would be back after intermission just to see what else they had up their sleeves.
After intermission the couple played more original pieces including their songs titled "Canyon Breeze" and "El Gitano" followed by a track called "Pop Medley" that if the listener concentrated, they could hear many modern songs converted and merged into one medley.
The couple ended the night with a wonderful Spanish influenced song called "Malaguena Spanish Traditional" that really showed their skill and utilized the special pedals to bring a very unique sound.
Piney Woods Fine Arts Association Executive Director Bryan Lake said, "We want to thank Montana Skies for coming and playing for us and also thanks to Chesapeake Energy for sponsoring the event."







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