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Houston County Courier - Local News
Stories Added - December 23, 2007 - January 1, 2008
Copyright 2007 - Polk County Publishing Company

Miss Eliza Bishop's Christmas Gift
Houston County Courier - December/January 2007

Christmas came early to Houston County this year with the Thursday, Dec. 20 book signing by Miss Eliza Bishop held during the monthly meeting of the Houston County Historical Commission.
Miss Bishop spent over an hour signing the 50 newly published copies of her book, "History of Houston County" recently reprinted by HCHC during the noon event held at the First United Methodist Church.
She also autographed several copies of the book from the original printing in 1979 for those attending.
HCHC asked Miss Bishop's permission to reprint the book since no copies remained from the original printing.
Once permission was obtained, HCHC began looking for a printer and publisher who would reprint the book in its original form. 
CCI Printing in Waco was selected for the reprinting and Manager Pat Combs kept HCHC informed during each step of the process.
Miss Eliza was apprised of everything being done. She graciously shared her ideas and comments.  When the scanned copy was completed, she spent several hours reviewing it before she gave her approval. 
After the printing was completed, it went to the bindery, and the final results were a book well worth the $200 price.
 HCHC was told that some of the original books had been sold for $400-$500 on E-Bay..  
According to HCHC officials, 35 of the first 50 copies of the reprinted book were sold before the last stages of reprinting were complete. 
"Miss Eliza has made the preservation and promotion of Houston County her life’s work. Her book was truly a labor of love, and her permission to reprint a tremendous gift to Houston County," said Maxine Moore HCHC chairperson. 
"Miss Bishop's smiles indicated that she had a good time visiting with old and newfound friends. "
For additional information about obtaining a copy of the book, call the Houston County Historical Commission office, 544-3255 ext. 238.














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