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Laptops, technology advancements help deputies
Houston County Courier - February 2008

New technology consisting of Mobile Data Terminals allows Houston County Sheriff's Office deputies to run license plates, driver’s licenses, wanted person checks and stolen items check from their vehicles using laptop computers. 
Houston County commissioners court entered into an interlocal agreement with Harris County that allows Houston County law enforcement officials to access this information through the system in Harris County. 
"The cost for this infrastructure can run in the millions of dollars and small agencies such as ours could never afford this type system," stated Houston County Sheriff Darrel Bobbitt. 
Harris County is charging a very nominal fee for the service.
The Justices of the Peace Kathy Bush and Clyde Black, Constable Red Smith and the county attorney’s office will also be equipped to use this system. 
County Attorney Donna Kaspar purchased three additional laptops for the HCSO to ensure that each patrol unit would have a computer to access to the data.
Sheriff Bobbitt stated there are times when deputies may need this information but because of certain situations, it does not need to be made public. Across the airways.
This advancement will allow law enforcement to access sensitive information without having to go over public airways. 


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