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The History of leap year
Houston County Courier - February 2008
By Crystal Rhone, Reporter 

Feb. 29 is leap day, this occurs every four years.
Although the modern calendar counts a year as 365 days, a complete revolution around the sun takes approximately 365 days and 6 hours.
Every four years, an extra 24 hours have accumulated; so one extra day is added to that calendar to keep the count coordinated with the sun’s apparent position and to keep the seasons occurring when they should. That day is Feb. 29.
The Egyptians were the first to come up with the idea of adding a leap day once every four years to keep the calendar in sync with the solar year period.
Later, the Romans adopted this solution for their calendar, and they became the first to designate Feb. 29 as leap day.
Most years that can be divided evenly by four are leap years however, there is an exception to the rule, and century years are not leap years unless they can be evenly divided by 400.
There wont be another leap year that falls on a century year till 2400.
About 1 in 1500 people have the chance of being born on leap day.
There are about 187,000 people in the US and four million in the world who were born on leap day.
So, everyone born on Friday, Feb. 29, will have a birthday this year.



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