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EMS saves mother and child
Houston County Courier - March 2008
By Crystal Rhone, Reporter

Last May a call went out to 911 at a local Laundromat in Crockett, ETMC EMS responded and found a 25-year-old, full term pregnant, female in cardiac arrest, in which an unidentified customer of the Laundromat had started CPR prior to EMS arrival.
What had started out to be one patient had now become two.
This prompted EMS to call the ETMC-Crockett emergency room and let them know to be ready for a possible Emergency C-Section.
EMS started their care immediately with Advanced Cardiac Life Support and transported the patient to the ETMC-Crockett emergency room.
Emergency room staff, surgical staff and the obstetrician staff along with emergency room Dr. Mark Spencer, Dr. Christopher Heackler and OB Dr. Tarl Hamish continued treatment.
An Emergency C-Section was performed in the emergency room and a baby boy was born.
After continued resuscitation efforts on the mother, she responded and was transferred to the Intensive Care Unit and then transferred to ETMC Tyler.
“Everyone in Houston County should be proud of the staff we have at ETMC-EMS and ETMC-Crockett, together they work hard to save lives and give the best care possible and this one call, one patient turned into two patients is an example of the care and commitment given on a daily basis,” ETMC EMS Supervisor Roy Langford says.
Now almost a year later Jamaria Sheed, nine months old, lives with his grandmother, Janetta Sanders and the mother Latoya Minter is in an area nursing home.




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