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The Kalin's Center moves to Crockett
Houston County Courier - March 2008

The Houston and Trinity Counties Children's Advocacy Center (Kalin's Center) has moved from Lovelady to Crockett and is now located at the side entrance of 500 East Houston Avenue, on the corner of East Houston Avenue and the Crockett Square.
Kalin's Center will temporarily share office space in with Dick Murchison, CPA until renovations are completed at their future location.
Knox Furniture Store volunteered to help move the Kalin's Center from Lovelady to Crockett and Jake Caprielian with the First United Methodist Church offered storage space.
Board members Donna Gordon Kaspar, Angela Cross, Rosa Davis, and Beaty Fomby along with Forensic Interviewer Aurthur Murphy assisted with the packing and moving process. Constable of Precinct 2 Red Smith, also helped move furniture donated by Griffith and Griffith Attorneys at Law.
Kalin's Center is a non-profit organization that serves as a link between multiple child-serving agencies to better coordinate services and response to child abuse.
The center provides videotaped forensic interviews to child victims of mental, physical, and sexual abuse, neglect, and child witnesses of crime and works collaboratively with all law enforcement, Child Protective Services, and prosecutors in Houston and Trinity counties to ensure child victims are provided services in a child-friendly and neutral environment while promoting a fair and thorough investigation and prosecution.
Forensic interviews allow these partner agencies to get the information they need from one forensic interview instead of the child having to tell and re-tell their story to each agency causing the child to be re-traumatized.
Kalin's Center staff makes referrals to medical services, mental health counselors, and social services within Houston and Trinity Counties and facilitates monthly Multi-Disciplinary Team meetings.
These meetings promote the cooperation and collaboration of all involved agencies and services in following each child’s case from inception and throughout the court process. These meetings ensure that no child slips through the cracks.
On Thursday, Feb. 21, the Kalin's Center board of directors and partner agencies met to sign a commitment to the working protocols for collaboration among partner agencies.
Supervisors of partner agencies present at this meeting included, Houston County District Attorney David Cervantes, Houston County Attorney Donna Gordon Kaspar, Groveton Police Chief Ralph Jester, Trinity County CPS Supervisor Richard Hensley, Houston County CPS Supervisor Elsie Gates, and Clark Psychological Counselor Rosa Davis.
Representing the Houston County Sheriff's Office was Chief Deputy Ronnie Jordan, and representing the Crockett Police Department Angelia Bacon.
Community Volunteers present at the meeting included Board President Elaine Berkeley, Thea Daigle, Dr. Dale Clark, and Judge Mo Amjad.
These protocols serve as each agency's guide for responding to the reports of child abuse.
The board of directors consists of members of each partner agency and community volunteers who give of their time to oversee the future of the Kalin's Center in helping to stop abuse, one child at a time.



For more information about the Kalin's Center contact Executive Director Debbie McCall or Assistant Executive Director Catherine Chubb McCall at (936) 545-9455.
Emails can be sent to kalins_center@yahoo.com





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