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Crockett ISD Unofficial Board Minutes March 11, 2008
Houston County Courier - March 2008

The Crockett Independent School District Board of Trustees held their regular meeting at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, March 11 with trustees Johnny Lawrence, Trey Young, Deborah Kennedy, Helen Dubcak and Pam Ainsworth present.
 Under the direction of Cynthia House, Crockett Elementary School third grade students presented a musical performance.
 During consideration of business items on the agenda, trustees heard from John Kingham of Kingham Construction Company and Malcolm McKinley of Goodwin-Lassiter, Inc. who reported on the campus project.
Trustees approved three construction change orders.
The first change order reflected a project savings and an allowance under run with a revised total cost at $14,015,235.31.
The second change order mounts junior high light sensors in the ceiling at a cost of $3,552.00.
The third project installs blinds on all exterior classroom doors and classroom windows at a cost of$9,737.00.
Trustees approved a payment to the contractor in the amount of $304,778.63. An additional $21,389 will be paid upon project completion.
 Amanda Goodwin of the Texas Association of School Boards, presented preliminary findings on a contracted custodial services' analysis report.
 Elizabeth Whitt and Jennifer Boesch of Chartwells reported on the management of the district food service operations.
 The board approved the A fence bid submitted by Crockett Fence in the amount of $18,480 was unanimously accepted by trustees.
 The 2008-2009 school calendar was approved.
 The superintendent presented a budget action plan as directed by trustees.
Trustees went into closed session at 9:10 p.m. and returned at 10:10 p.m. and rejected the property sale bid with a 4-0 vote. Trustee Lawrence abstained from the vote.



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