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Abe Lincoln gets a facelift
Houston County Courier - March 2008
By Crystal Rhone

In a special ceremony held in Washington, DC on Thursday, March 13, a new five-dollar bill, aimed at foiling counterfeiters was introduced.
"The redesigned five-dollar bill's enhanced security features help ensure we stay ahead of counterfeiters and protect your hard-earned money," Federal Reserve Board official Michael Lambert said at a ceremony to launch the new bill.
According to an AFP story on yahoo news, the new bill is the same size and bears the same.
The bill has enhanced images as the old bills of Lincoln on one side and the Lincoln Memorial on the other and will be easily recognizable as "quintessentially American," the US Treasury's Bureau of Engraving and Printing said.
But key security features, such as watermarks, have been added, changed or made better, in a bid to outsmart increasingly astute counterfeiters.
The number of watermarks has been increased, from one to two, and a large number five has replaced the watermark of Lincoln on old five-dollar bills.
The new bills' security thread, positioned to the right of Lincoln's portrait, glows blue when held under an ultraviolet light, and micro printing, words so small that they are hard to replicate and has been added in several places in the bills.
The most noticeable new feature on the new bills is the addition of color.
The old bills are green against an off-white background, the new ones have had light purple added to the center, blending into gray near the edges.
Small yellow "05"s is printed to the left of Lincoln's portrait on the front of the bill and to the right of the Lincoln Memorial on the back.
The Great Seal of the United States has been added to the bill, clouds have been put in the sky behind the Lincoln Memorial, and Lincoln's portrait takes up more space on the money.





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