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Stories Added - Thursday, April 17, 2008
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City of Crockett Special Environmental Project
Houston County Courier - April 2008
By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

City of Crockett Special Environmental Project The City of Crockett is con-ducting a Special Environ-mental Project (SEP) in coop-eration with the Texas Com-mission on Environmental Quality that is intended to re-store Town Branch Creek be-tween Dallas Street and Bell Avenue, near the Houston County Visitors Cen-ter/Museum. City Administrator Ron Duncan said the city plans to use the track hoe to restore the area behind the St. Lukes and Greater St. Paul’s church's as well as the depot side to make a cleaner, more pristine envi-ronment. During the project thus far the city has begun to clean the creek, uncovering the stone shoulders, uncovered a beauti-ful brick bridge on Dallas Street which few people, if anyone remembers.

The city intends to clean up as much creek within the city while the track hoe is on site. Once this project is com-pleted, the creeks and right of ways should be cleaner, neater and clear of trash, blockages and debris. pic in storage City of Crockett Purchases four new Dodge Police Chargers The City of Crockett has re-ceived the last three of four new Dodge Police Chargers purchased in 2008. The first car was purchased earlier this year through Wayne Williams Dodge. The latest three Dodge’s were lease purchased as a package through McKinney Dodge. "The new vehicles will re-placed four of the older Crown Victoria’s in the fleet and should provide outstanding service for years to come," said City Administrator Ron Duncan. "The Dodges, with the ad-vanced engine design and ex-ceptional warranty packages, should deliver outstanding per-formance, while using less fuel," he added. The vehicles are easily rec-ognized by color since they are black and white and not the traditional blue and white.










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