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Stories Added - Thursday, April 24, 2008
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City approves draft of ESD contract
Houston County Courier - April 2008
By Daphne Hereford
Managing Editor

Members of Crockett City Council approved a draft of an agreement with Emergency Services District No. 2 to provide fire protection and suppression and emergency rescue services in a finite area in the county for an annual payment of $50,000.
Crockett Fire Department Chief Darrell Deckard told members of council that the ESD expected an accounting of the money spent and that the fire department had no means to specifically identify how the money would be spent since it would go into the general fund.
Deckard added the annual budget for the department would not change.
Deckard said the area outlined in the draft indicates the area CFD would accommodate consisted of some 219 square miles or about 20 percent of the county.
Regarding the agreement, Mayor Wayne Mask said, "This has been a longtime coming."
In other business, Council approved the re-appointment of Councilman James Hall to serve on the board of directors of the Deep East Texas Council of Governments.
Council approved the appointment of Jack Patton and Sarah Clark to serve on the John H. Wootters Crockett Library advisory board.
The trade of the Bomac Excavator to Houston County Precinct 2 for a Mack dump truck was approved by members of council.
City Administrator Ron Duncan said the exchange was a "one-for-one" trade with both pieces of equipment being about the same age and both needing some work.
He said the 1982 dump truck has a capacity of 16 yards versus the 8-yard vehicle the city currently has.
Councilman Jackie Jones was absent from the meeting.










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