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Stories Added - Thursday, May 1, 2008
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Local Equipment Dealer Completes “Nearly Impossible” Repair Job
Houston County Courier - May 2008

Eddie May knew this would be a tough job, admittedly, he was having second thoughts about accepting it. 

Most other dealers wouldn’t dream of accepting a job like this.  

May, service manager for a local equipment company, had agreed to reassemble a CX100 tractor that had been taken apart by another dealer who was unable to complete the repair. 

This tractor was brought into the dealership with the transmission, hydraulic system, and rear axle completely disassembled.  There were so many loose parts they had to be brought in on two separate trailer loads. 

The parts had been removed and put into cardboard boxes, exposed to the elements for months before they reached the company for repair. 

May discussed the job with lead service technician George Newton, who confidently agreed to take it on.  Newton knew this would be a challenge, "but that’s what keeps it interesting," he says. 

After carefully diagnosing the repair, Newton worked closely with parts manager Brian Hartt to get the hundreds of precision parts needed to complete the job on order. 

"It was one of the most complicated parts orders I’ve ever done; hundreds of precision parts that had to be checked and re-checked for accuracy," says Hartt.

As the new parts began to arrive, Newton diligently began the assembly, one step at a time.  Many of the powershift transmission components had been disassembled by the first dealer that had attempted repair and it was unclear how they went together. 

The complicated hydraulic system had been contaminated by weather exposure and was missing a variety of small technical parts, like tiny springs and ball bearings. 

Newton had to use his years of experience to assemble it, since even the factory service manual didn’t show exactly what order many of the components were supposed to go together in. 

Many parts were so rusted by humidity they could not be identified, except by a trained eye like Newton’s. 

“What makes a job like this difficult, is the fact that not only did we not diagnose the original failure, we had no role in disassembly.  It was like putting a huge puzzle together, one piece at a time." 

This was a job most repair shops would not have attempted, but May and Newton knew that they could get it done.

A few weeks after the job came in, Newton completed the assembly. 

“At first, there were a few issues with the electronic powershift controller.  We had to reprogram the controller to accept the new clutch packs we installed," says Newton. 

After reprogramming, the tractor shifted like new. The loader and cab were reinstalled on the tractor, and it was delivered to another satisfied customer.


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