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CSS cultivates garden
Houston County Courier - May 2008

Each year Crockett State School pays homage to victims of violent crime. 

In recognition of victim’s rights week, students planted bushes in the victim’s garden this year. 

Students also discussed what it meant to be a victim while in group and wrote essays on crime and the effects on its victims.  A poster contest was also held in recognition of this event. 

This year’s National Crime Victims’ theme is, “Justice for Victims, Justice for all.”

In 1982 Ronald Regan established the Presidential Task Force on Victims of Crime. 
The results were that every state and federal government established statutory rights for victims. 

At this time 33 states have amended their constitution to protect these rights. 

In 2004 Congress granted victims a legal standing to enforce their rights.  These laws have helped many, but it has not done enough. 

In 2005, 899,000 children were victims of child abuse and over 1,460 children died due to abuse or neglect. 

The direct cost of child abuse in the United States amounts to over $94 billion annually. 
Juveniles experienced the highest rate of violent crimes. Statistics indicate that 73,354 of the 175, 391 violent crimes were sexual assaults and/or rapes. 

In 2006, 17,602 deaths in motor vehicle crashes were attributed to alcohol. 

From January 1990 to February 2002, the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearm and Explosives recorded 1,055 incidents of bombs being placed on school premises. 

Of these incidents, only 14 were accompanied by a warning to the school or other authorities. 

In 2005 Nation wide, 16,692 people were murdered. 

It is estimated that 800,000 people are trafficked across international boarders.  Of those 80 percent are sexually exploited. 

For each year between 1993 and 1999 an average of 1.7 million people were victims of a violent crime while working or on duty. 

One in every four women will be sexually assaulted in their lifetime.  Every 30 seconds, someone is a victim of a crime.   

Roughly one-third of the mental healthcare bills for rape, physical assaults, and stalking victims were paid for out-of–pocket by the victim.  The Cost of crime is staggering totaling an economic loss to victims at $1.4 billion for violent crimes, $15.6 billion for property crimes to name a few.

"What we must remember is that we all can be a victim.  Ceremonies such as this National Crimes Victims’ week should remind all of us that we should be seeking justice for the victims.  We plant these bushes as a reminder of the victims of Texas crimes, lets committee ourselves to serving them better every week of the year.  By investing in justice for victims, we move closer to achieving justice for all," said Jennifer Moore, Crockett State School data coordinator.


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